Rovema BVC 260: 70 standing, fully recyclable coffee packages with aroma valve per minute


Rovema BVC 260: 70 standing, fully recyclable coffee packages with aroma valve per minute

ROVEMA packaging machines are designed for maximum output and maximum flexibility. The use of sustainable packaging materials. Changeover work and set-up times are continuously optimized and checked, even with demanding packaging materials.

With a sealing force of 6000 Newton available in the standard version for maximum flexibility in the choice of packaging material – recyclable modern mono packaging materials based on PE or PP or classic packaging materials made of PET/ALU/PE can be processed. Packing material changes can be carried out quickly and easily. The sealing force can be saved as a parameter in the recipe.

ROVEMA a BVC 260 especially for the packaging of coffee – ground coffee, coffee beans, agglomerated or freeze-dried coffee can be processed gently and weight-accurately. For degassing valves, the machine is equipped with the particularly high-performance new ROVEMA valve applicator for button valves. In conjunction with a mono-PP packaging material, an output of up to 70 bags per minute with 250 g coffee beans is achieved. Packaging materials from the flat film web are used, and the aroma valve is attached to the roll carrier of the packaging machine. The process enables an even wider sealing window that can be adapted to the requirements of the respective packaging material and the selected button valve. Depending on the valve or packaging material, the machine can be equipped with both ultrasonic and heat sealing. This means that an even larger selection of packaging materials and valves can be selected.

For an output of up to 70 packs per minute, the recyclable Wipf one-way degassing valve WICOVALVE® W109PP for coffee beans is ultrasonically applied to the machinable X Cycle packaging material from Hatzopoulos (89 my). A strong, sustainable partnership.







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