“Clean” handling technology for clean room productions


“Clean” handling technology for clean room productions

In addition to ESD conformity, the special requirements that EXPRESSO’s clean and clean-room models meet include, in particular, the paint-free design as well as special sealing measures and the use of special greases. The ESD capability is based on static dissipation from the load pick-up to the lift2move chassis as well as the equipment with ESD-capable castors. These rollers are also abrasion-resistant and therefore an ideal solution for cleanroom use. The lack of lacquering is intended to fundamentally exclude the splintering of lacquer particles, as can happen when touching shelves or machines, for example. EXPRESSO meets this requirement through the consistent use of V2A and anodised aluminium. Load supports can even be made of V4A. With regard to additional sealing measures, the sealing of the lifting masts and their brush strips are particularly worth mentioning. When it comes to the selection of special greases, EXPRESSO can meet almost any customer requirement.
A fundamental advantage for use in production facilities with clean room requirements is the safety chassis, which is designed to be extremely close to the ground, and the low-mounted electric drive for the lifting and lowering function of the lift masts. Since the height adjustment in the lift mast is handled by a spindle (no chains, no belts) and the motor is located in a housing close to the floor, the resulting particle load is minimal. This design also ensures that any particle load caused by the operation-related kinematics of the lift2move only occurs in air layers below 300 mm – i.e. far away from all assembly and installation spaces of plants and machines. Another advantage is that EXPRESSO can equip each lift2move with load holders, grippers and manipulators that are optimally adapted to the sensitive handling and transport tasks in clean rooms.







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